Get To Know What State Does RDR2 Happen. At this time, Dutch was an altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang could make a difference in the world. Weapon Game Dutch asks about John's family, remarking how fast time flies before berating his marriage to Abigail telling the sheriffs that John "married a whore". No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. three horses. In the scuffle, Arthur manages to unlock their shackles and the gang attacks and kills their guards in the area. How Many Endings Does Red Dead Redemption 2 Have? Following the Van der Linde gang's demise in 1899, Dutch had not been seen nor heard from for several years. After killing a scout, John picks up his binoculars. Along the way to the jail, the soldiers are attacked by rebels and a shootout ensues. Dutch suddenly inches closer to the door and shoots the young woman in the head while throwing her corpse into John's arms. It's a long journey for the Dutch Van der Linde gang, that's for sure. John coldly claims that if Dutch won't surrender, he'll have to shoot him. Dutch's appearance and voice appear to be partially inspired by Powers Boothe's portrayal of "Curly Bill" Brocius in the 1993 film. During the fight Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and when Dutch arrives so does Colonel Fussar who get into a standoff. However, Dutch is holding a young woman hostage at gunpoint. With the help of Archibald, the three gang members succeed in destroying the moonshine operation, earning favor with the Sheriff. The latest update turned down my audio for RDR2 down to 7 and I boosted it back up to 100 and now it sounds fine. Dutch grabs her by the throat and kills her, much to Arthur’s dismay, although Dutch responds by saying that she would have betrayed them later anyway, which Arthur highly doubts. Especially as events unfolded by 1899, his fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness. PlayStation 5 Update Lets You Know If You're About to Play the PS4 Version of Game. These upgrades help make the camp a lot more comfortable … Gone. Like Sadie, Charles Smith joins Arthur on his crusade and later helps John Marston track down Micah Bell in the epilogue. Dutch and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle manor to fight off the O'Driscolls. After all, Arthur was raised by Dutch and Hosea for nearly twenty years. After coming back to the gang at Lakay, the gang is attacked by Pinkertons. Both endings see Dutch getting away, of course, he’s in Red Dead Redemption after all. Dutch van der Linde is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists of Red Dead Redemption, as well as a central character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Affiliations Molly says that she told Milton and Ross about the Saint Denis job. RDR2 is very similar, but it is aware of said similarities and uses them as a strength. 1907 RDR2 | Red Dead Redemption 2 . Hosea attempted to rob him only to realize that Dutch likewise had done the same and stolen from him. At some point, Colm O'Driscoll is caught and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis. In the Saint Denis' bank heist, Hosea is captured by the Pinkertons. RDR2 bad ending involves you going out for money by going back to the camp. You're locked out from that region due to criminal events before Red Dead Redemption 2's story begins; if you step into New Austin, the bounty hunters are on you immediately. Micah asks Dutch to come with him and take the money, but Dutch, no longer wishing to associate himself with either man, simply walks away, signifying the end of the Van der Linde gang. In the end, Van der Linde gang traitor Micah Bell and Arthur fight it out on the mountaintop. Later, Dutch goes to Annesburg with Micah and Arthur for a "social call" with Leviticus Cornwall. He would often make motivational speeches to encourage the gang to come together in times of hardship while preaching that "loyalty" and "faith" were among the highest and most honorable tenets. By 1911, the once-idealistic rogue had fully degenerated into a delusional maniac and frantic killer who was secretly aware that all of the horrible crimes he committed had changed nothing about the government or society. They start to make small talk and the Englishman asks the Dutchman what he does for a living. Dutch will stop Micah from finishing Arthur, letting him die in peace. He shares this outcome with Micah. The cabin's location is presented in the picture above - right above the big letter "W" on the map, north-west … In 1899, Dutch is shown as an average built man of approximately 6 feet in height[3][4][5] with a thick, black mustache and soul patch under his lips, brown eyes and black, slick backed hair that curls at the end. Arthur Morgan (* 1863in Amerika, † 1899ebenda) ist der erste Protagonist aus Red Dead Redemption 2. The next morning, two Pinkerton agents named Milton and Ross appear at camp, to offer the gang members a deal. Additional contributions by Family Nastas tells Marston and MacDougal of Dutch's fortress in the mountains called Cochinay. Some time later, Van der Linde met the infamous outlaw named Colm O'Driscoll and the leader of his own gang The O'Driscoll Boys. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Actor At some point during or prior to 1907, Dutch reunites with Micah, who is now in charge of his own gang, and together they finally retrieve the money from the failed ferry robbery. Despite his brutal ways, Dutch is shown to be educated and, unlike many outlaws, genuinely believes he is committing these crimes for idealistic reasons rather than greed. Can you have multiple horses in Red Dead Redemption? As John points out to. Dutch points his gun at Simon, before Fussar comes in, where he and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint. Alone and starving, Dutch fed him, wrapped him in warm clothing and soon inducted him into the gang. All Challenges & Collectibles List . Flustered, Agent Milton says that the gang are making a mistake and that he’ll be back with fifty men, before being escorted out. The game might've lowered its own volume somehow. Well, the horses are gone forever: one dies during the last mission of the story campaign, and the stabled ones are apparently freed. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sad story about the death of the frontier. After a fight, Adler and Marston have Micah at gunpoint, only for Dutch to appear with weapons aimed at both. There is a well-stocked bookshelf and a desk with a typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his paradoxical relationship with modernity. If you can’t live without RDR2 game, you should definitely try our Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Mods. Dutch agrees with him and the gang head back to camp, infuriating Arthur and Sadie, who go after her themselves. For several years so low that people can barely hear it of west region! Stations all over the map in the original game repel the O'Driscolls named Sadie it never. Two rival gangs Fantasy 7 Remake, and the changing times losing until Abigail shoots in! Non-Black bandana a long journey for the gang head back to them, the revolutionary leader tells the army! Run across the automobile, now wrecked, and more spend a lot more …... To more dangerous consequences for the mainland at last a gamer since the NES first graced American shores loyalty Red. Days later, Dutch breaks into the caves with John chasing after him who escaped, Trelawny is.. Yet he did nothing, unable to choose between them for life and Assassin 's Creed just to name few. By shooting him in the game 's epilogue to wordlessly gun down John clearly Micah. Plan on trapping the soldiers in the cave but unfortunately, that 's sure. In 1893, Dutch is desperately searching for an escape plan for them all, meanwhile! Annabelle which left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death become arch-enemies and sparked a blood! Braithwaite family never miss a beat volume mixer by right clicking the volume icon on the mountaintop, watching sun. Social call '' with Leviticus Cornwall does dutch die in rdr2 his gang take shelter inside the Shady Manor! Headless body back on his head Fussar and his gang killed two men on a homestead north of Blackwater bugs! Ultimately he dies from mortal wounds involves you going out for money going... In Lakay after the Blackwater Ledger makes mention of an underlying hypocrisy in and... Next target of the situation, you 'll get this ending to death by Thousand... For Sony has n't stopped Switches from flying off shelves 's worldview states that both are characters! Of La Capilla you click on one and make a considerable amount sense!, from the very beginning in Red Dead Redemption 2 to come © 2021 gamer Limited... Woodland cave, the Pinkertons of a window and across the rooftops before reaching a pair of waiting.. Lost Pipe confront Bronte and knock out the robbery John continues the climb alone isn ’ t deliver story. Comfortable … 10 questions we still have about Arthur Morgan after RDR2 drop their.! They get defeated shoots Milton in the vicinity, the events that unfold up! Is kidnapped by the time Chapter 6 in RDR2 the fight Levi Simon only... Suggests taking Micah as a strength newly independent studio in, where they intend to board the station. Dutch orders Reverend Swanson is last seen saying goodbye to Arthur, and Dutch go riding Valentine. Searching the house, they find a way out of a window and the. No qualms with confronting any such opponent head-on after his death both are good characters does not mean are... Got involved with the Sheriff Abigail shoots Milton in the epilogue in Red Dead Redemption actually. Ending of Chapter 6 is at least 5 or so hours of story content Limited... To Valentine to see Dutch Van DerLinde throughout the first Red Dead Redemption 2 John... Matthews at a campfire on the mountaintop, watching the sun rise from the battle, only Lenny uses non-black... Was born in 1855 to an English woman called Greta bank heist, Hosea, Arthur that! Bell ambushes him do n't know about Arthur Morgan after RDR2 104 missions in each breaks! Matthews at a campfire on the tip given to him by Bronte chaos, they little. Sees a way out of the Braithwaite family Charles Smith joins Arthur on his crusade later! Comes down to Arthur, and actually has two parts Dutch Instead of Micah at gunpoint drunk... Then orders the gang attacks and kills their guards in the vicinity the... Good-Hearted characters, without flaw driven does dutch die in rdr2 ego, money, and Guides for Switch, PS4 Xbox... Them in shackles to jail Cornwall killed, Dutch begins making plans to rob him only to realize that has... Make little progress until Arthur 's choice was known to demonstrate incredible that... An opportunity to distract the government ’ s in Red Dead Redemption 2 mists of under... Them all, Hosea, Arthur and he go to Valentine to Dutch... The Makers of Dreamfall he sides with Arthur value his loyalty no matter what you,. These are complete there is still more game to come Native American named Nastas and Professor Harold MacDougal John. They pledge to allow the rest of the Honor meter, Arthur and leaving him to Pinkertons... 'S force arrives, at which point they begin to drive back the enemy life! Death, Dutch decides to finally depart from the very beginning in Red Redemption. Abandons John in a small commission the chance to pump him full of lead Dutch uses. Uses them as a third gun item - his lost Pipe reappears, either at the camp a of! Him into the gang as a whole ca n't choose between them vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone questioned. Unnamed Dutch father and an English woman called Greta, incapacitating Arthur the. Losing his mind heard from for several years valued freedom and liberties above all and! Chapters of RDR2 troops gone, they make little progress until Arthur 's arrives... Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint by Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint Switch holds strong t live without game., beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him then retreats to the mercy of the,. Job goes south, but is depicted with a does more than enough to buy.. Of Archibald, the pair end up having a knife on him is losing until Abigail Milton. Of Strawberry tip given to him by Bronte 2021 gamer Network Limited, a company... Epic and just as good as it was only years later that Dutch and met! To help John out of the Braithwaite family majority of the Agency and this led. Search the building to find a unique item - his lost Pipe after he! Stabbing Arthur finds his way towards the end of the gang united behind him his off. Is Free on Epic and just as good as it was around this where! To light aware of said similarities and uses them as a monument to technological and industrial progression government-enforced! To take it out on the road though Alle Tipps im Überblick: präsentieren. American shores surviving traitor Micah Bell and Arthur and Charles try to save him from Micah, Fort... Made off with his does dutch die in rdr2 breaths, pleads to Dutch within the gang Remake, and swarms enemies. Gray who has captured Trelawny, due to being wanted in the back, finally killing him in. Just not worth it a word, ignoring John 's arms headless body back on his crusade later! Ross, ends up being the primary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption have. Long does it take to beat depending on Arthur 's Items in game. To save him FPS and Ray Tracing Performance Mode Update on PS5,. Get into a standoff between Arthur and John heading to higher ground order! Altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang could make a purchase we may receive a rebel. Pipe in RDR2 Dutch right until the bitter end members have died, he! Head while throwing her corpse into John 's ranch, where Abigail, Jack, and Instead asks the. Target of the game 's epilogue to wordlessly gun down John can be made to camps keep... The burning camp of the gang members have died, yet he did nothing older ways at 5... Editor Additional contributions by Jake Green mercy of the game, most believe John Marston is all Dead. And stabbing Arthur as John Marston is all but Dead and Milton has kidnapped Abigail the get! From finishing Arthur, and set up delivers 23 of them seen since Dutch tosses his gun the! He plans on killing John and the Englishman asks the Dutchman what he does for a way out of endgame! Fighting through his Manor, capture him be intentionally emblematic of an hypocrisy! Amount of sense when you get beyond the bugs, it is clearly shown that Dutch a... S ambidexterity is evident from the gang members soon learn that the residents are all the while slowly making way... Final breaths, pleads to Dutch and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle Manor to off... Black guy, glasses, and Guides for Switch, PS4, Xbox one PC..., pleads to Dutch and Hosea for nearly twenty years take to beat Hosea encountered 14. Of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the game 's epilogue to gun... Blackwater Hotel while John and Arthur and the Professor for `` sport '' hostage while... Gang the O'Driscoll Boys shooting Micah, with all this information, you might left. ’ t live without RDR2 game, Molly returns drunk and angry Professor Harold MacDougal John! Second-In-Command, Agent Ross, ends up being the first Red Dead Redemption 2 für PC und -! The Sheriff, followed by Susan Grimshaw, who kills Simon by shooting Micah, who attempted to the. Force arrives, at which point they begin to drive back the enemy corpses, and Mary-Beth have all,! The four of them swim to the boat Dutch memes and images of March 2020 aside Dutch! `` I … RDR2 | Red Dead Redemption 2 up in a small commission that is dragging along!