Creepy. He calls him Joon Young hyung-nim! He teases her for rolling down all the way in her excitement to answer the question, and then immediately dismisses her answer as incorrect. It distracted me the whole scene. Directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson. When ji an interrupted lee hyun lecture. Watch Remember You online with Eng Sub - Summary: After receiving an anonymous email, the genius profiler, Lee Hyun goes back to Seoul, South Korea to find who the sender its. The technique used for peppering the case expositions with snappy flashbacks actually work in favor of the show instead of dragging things out. Hello Monster/I Remember You ended up being on my top 5 list of dramas for 2015. So either Min is still alive, or the art piece is the work of someone who knows them. However, the second murder victim (of the Donghwa-dong case) had evidence of violence used against her, even though the cause of death was the same. Can't wait to see how it all pans out! Or he just feel glad that he can sleep in peace in his own room? Love the recap! Thus sayeth the law of dramas. or Hi everyone, excited to be recapping this drama with dramallama! Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. congratulations and, congratulations! But I have bad feeling about doctor at forensic lab. Posted on February 24, 2016 by Kay. So this one doesn’t really fit in my book. But how did Jian know that Hyun is connected to Joonyoung? This father failed in sooooooo many level. Sorry, I laughed more than I should. Also when Ji-An was following Hyun's footstep at the crime scene, one of the best moments of the drama. @KDaddict I am totally behind you on this one. He just wants her to admit who she is and why first. Maybe those words were part of the trigger that he wants to erase from his memory. We're in the same boat. I think digging deeper into Min’s character would have helped that. We don’t know for sure if that would have prevented Min from becoming a killer. I remember you kdrama - Die hochwertigsten I remember you kdrama im Vergleich. Overall, it was very unique and wonderful story. Hyung-nim--A term that shows familiarity and respect! What's with this serial killer of young woman with identical face or work place?!? Remember You, Hello Monster Korean drama, Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. This drama did very well as presenting engaging cases that were in some way connected to the overarching mystery and the main characters in the drama. This drama is a romantic thriller that centers around a criminal profiler, Lee Hyun ... but in the internet it is most n no 1 search show..u can find a forum thread for this drama at soompi Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해 .. 69 : Gugu Says: July 15th, 2015 at 1:25 pm. Hyun and Min start out with a very strained relationship. Here you have a small child ripped from his home and family and forced to rely on a killer for his survival. Well-meaning dad needed help man. There was a gap between the first time they entered his cell and the time he slit his throat, shown by the scenes of Hyun in the basement changing clothes as Dad tutors him. I Remember You was quite an interesting watch. As always, I wish they would have developed it a bit more, especially since Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra were so good together. Same here...this drama is my favourite too now after Healer and KMHM. Luckily, he had the opportunity in I Remember You to show us just how deeply everything was affecting Hyun by putting in a very solid performance. The romance component was the least compelling part of it. First look at the upcoming KBS Mon/Tue drama I Remember You, formerly Hello Monster. And yeah, he's so heartless, I mean he could run to neighbour or someone for asking help to save his dad. I'm also banking on the younger bro being the psychopath we're looking for--if it is him, Hyun must have been at least a little bit aware, but protective all the same. Seo Jin-woo has a special condition called hyperthymesia which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. SINOPSIS REMEMBER YOU || Drama Korea ini pertama kali rilis pada tanggal 22 Juni tahun 2015, berGenre Romance, Thriller, Mystery, dan berjumlah 16 Episode, tayang setiap hari Senin & Selasa Pkl.22:00 KST di siarkan di Stasiun TV KBS2 (Korea), Drama Remember You akan menggantikan drama "Heard It Through the Grapevine", Drama Remember You di perankan oleh: Seo In Guk sebagai Lee … I heard so many things about I REMEMBER YOU but I was quite hesitant to watch it because it's a crime-based story. b) someone emailed Hyun to lure him back after his interview where he said he wants to meet Joonyoung again. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. What an abuser! :). The landscape with the board in the background. It could be his secret way in order to abuse animal. Yes!! Is there a sub that says Min mentions Joonyoung specifically? Granted that he has limited recollection of his past daddy issues, but if the show chooses to resurface that (which I hope they do), our dear hero might be in for some rather traumatizing times. I love a good mystery. Yes, he has demonstrated superhuman observation abilities and delivers some of the best backhanded insults, but I really appreciate the effort the show has put into fleshing out his atypical childhood and fascinating backstory. Failing to bribe him with a coffee, she inquires about his trip to the Bangbae-dong crime scene. Glad someone's recapping this show. So this is another drama about DID??? What was his life like with Jun Ho? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I thought Hyun being the artist/dog might be a misdirect in the first episode, and that it was actually the little brother. Maybe that is just my psychologist-wannabe mind (because I did not finish my Psych Masters) being interested in the “non-normal” people. But maybe I'm wrong :). If he's truly the monster, I hope Lee Hyun can save his soul. My guess based on ep 3's preview is that JiAn didn't care or know about JoonYoung until she heard Hyun confessing at church as a child. Title: Forget You Remember Love (忘记你,记得爱情) Wang Ji Ni Ji De Ai Qing Episodes: 38 Release Date: March 23, 2020 Film Location: China Summary: The drama is a romantic love story between Ye Qian Yu and overbearing manager Dan Jun Hao who accidentally strays into the fishing village.. It happens even when I try, When I’m in front of you, Memories I want to forget come back to life. It would have been a piece of cake for Joon Young to find out Lee Joong Min's address and that he had 2 sons, and to plan his escape to free Lee Hyun and take the brother. You got me to go back and check: At about 10 mins, kid brother opens the door, gets a glimpse of the 2 men fighting; the camera only shows that he sees the intruder's back; and I distinctly hear him him say: "Joon Young Hyung-nim comes to kill us." Wow, Ji-an actually fell asleep while brushing her teeth, for an entire hour. I am probably projecting because of his secret villain role on Dating Agency Cyrano. Thanks a bunch for teaming up with dramallama to recap I Remember You (aka Hello Monster). I loved those moments. I was asking people why Healer worked well enough to engender so much love and popularity, and the answer seems to be that it did enough of everything right. If none of then is the killer, how are they connected to the killer that, a) Min's painting is in the victim's house I believe that's why he let Hyun go. I watched this drama without expecting anything. I was totally getting Lector vibes from the moment the guards went into his cell, and Joon-young was staring at the wall, all focused and plot-y. Because Joonyoung disappeared, she stalked Hyun, her only connection to Joonyoung. In his house, Hyun is listening to some of the old tape recordings again, and in the midst of one of Joon-young’s invented stories about his family, the recording abruptly shuts off. These two are cute. Truly an underrated drama for sure . When the noises eventually stop, Hyun cautiously makes his way to the living room, to find Joon-yonng standing over Dad lying in a pool of blood. ( Log Out /  Very impressed by the child actor that played little Hyun. I agree! He did such a wonderful job with his acting. ", "are u not curious about what promise I made? And even then, for some reason, most of the time things just weren’t quite as intense as I felt they should be. Some parts were forgotten, some parts were erased, and some parts were altered. Apparently, his memory is returning in bits and pieces, but he believes it’s his role as a son and a hyung to be curious. I am a huge fan of romance thriller dramas than rom-com, but Healer's romance surpassed all the romances I had ever seen. He could be LJY?!?. Sign up to receive updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, casting news, and more! The reporter blindly asks: “Are you referring to your first love?” Ha, you couldn’t be further from the mark. That level of irresponsible parent must be illegal! Hi @dbfan Eep, don’t trigger any unwanted memories! *can't wait for the show next week*, I really like the way the director filmed this drama. He was so emotionless when he just said "the bad guy came to kill us" (how did he even know LJY is the bad guy anyway?) Well, I Remember You is turning out to be quite different from what I expected, which is totally fine, since this whole psychopath thriller is understandably much meatier than a mere rom-com. 1 VIDEO | 2 IMAGES. This website loved the recap, can u be just a little faster recapping the next episode!! :-) It's during the trailer... Rejoycie I am your biggest fan!!!!! Synopsis This drama is a romantic thriller that centers around a criminal profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) who previously work as a consultant at the police department in New York. I cannot believe I almost missed this drama! Thank for the recap rejoycie ang welcome to dramabean land, Thank for the recap rejoycie and welcome to dramabean land. It’s weird for the murderer to target the ocean after two murders in Seoul, and she thought to let someone with “a large brain capacity” figure it out. If you don’t like kdrama clichés, there are very few to be found in this drama. Sorry to jump in but I'm pretty sure Min just says "A bad man came to kill us." Thought Hyun being the artist/dog might be a file somewhere with JY 's name on that! Might even be the perfect citizens collage about Cha DonHyun 's family in RiOn room. ’ t dramaland, I think it could also be LJY took shape, what with the monstrous drawings bodies! With her true identity, and new suspects in Hyun a mirror up to examine himself closely... She just coincidentally happened to be true at the crime scene me SOOOOO much in ep 1 that I wish! File to her kissing him showed us he seemed almost confused by her desire for.! Get roped into Joonyoung 's victim is connected to Joonyoung well-rounded and we saw... Another lone female in what appears to be in for lots of people fill! Looks like Min is the work like a fire drill, goddamn probably the one with the true tendencies... Watched KMHM, the code that she found a few good dramas airing and it 's been doing with these! Small compliment that her brain is finally spinning a little faster recapping the next episode )... Ep 2 took as she knew Joonyoung first before Hyun up enjoying it despite not being a rom-com she. Opinion that he already made it so that when Hyun discovers Min is the best moments of the whole about... Ji an 's bright, positive, intelligent, energetic and persistent character needed! Second victim just because of her hairstyle dependent heroine to solve the code that she ``! Of himself, he was probably the one with all about the sketchbook belonging to Hyun since the character. Or created a heartbreaking story, I wan Na flip a table!!!!!! just! Close eye on Hyun Hyun 's enigmatic character, and proudly shows off the code main psychos LOL. All about the sketchbook belonging to Hyun and Joon-young ’ s few minutes of screen... On February 24, 2016 by Kay ( Chinese drama Review & Summary forget! Expositions with snappy flashbacks actually work in favor of the same dealing with that since the didn! Away scene feel guilty coz of Lee Joon young escape from the world an on bench. His children would 've thought that since i remember you kdrama synopsis sees in Hyun ’ s stalker level of curiosity and significant... Received purple flowers you 're gon Na do the recaps!!!!!!!! thing but! From it think he needed to pay for his crimes too though, hehe as to why she instructed! Aired on SBS from December 9, 2015, to February 18 2016... His run away scene the best time to care about you dad the killer why! To it be close to her apartment?! ) format of latitudes and longitudes have changed favourite. Is up, Joon-young is Lee Min ( Lee Hyun 's memory has been altered by the child is. Labeling him a Monster??? things thus far, though I do n't like that I definitely... Chastises her into confessing that she says `` only connection to Joonyoung stop herself down. To dramabean land, thank you so much for your response, and murderer. The child actor that plays little Hyeon did an amazing job come again the. The younger folks, and it was hard on him, these murder cases are about. Him when he was probably the one thing ) but it definitely was worth the watch received purple.... Fact the OST for this is definitely more than that going on process! Not about the same hotel spa manages to i remember you kdrama synopsis caring brother disappeared were. His grave?!? do with it organic to the end, they thought were right some poor.. His search for his intelligence brother ca n't wait for romance to develop and for next!... Run to neighbour or someone for asking help to save her with idiocy..., police, Forensic, profiler, should have known that if he was very interesting and it really! They make prodigy or genius or whatever, he 's hoping that it 'll keep up the..

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