"Sony's latest Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Sony HT-Z9F, brings 4K compatibility to a 3.1 channel system with surround sound through either Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. The Sony HT-ZF9 is a compact and very well-made 3.1-channel soundbar that not only supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but creates 7.1.2 surround sound, thanks to some clever psychoacoustics. The HT-ZF9 measures about a metre long, with a removable grill to hide its drivers. It creates a more immersive listening experience, thanks to its dedicated satellite speakers, and has better Atmos height performance due to its upwards firing speakers. The Sony is 4K and Dolby Visioncompatible, so you’ll be able to plug your Blu-ray player and games console into it without problems. It really seems like Sony designed this not to be seen. The 0.1 is the subwoofer which is quite a hefty bit of kit (H: 38.2 / W: 19 / D: 38.6 - 8.1KG). The Sony HT-Z9F is a better overall soundbar than the Vizio SB36312-G6. The treble also starts to dip in the mid-treble range, and is quite recessed in high-treble, making some higher frequencies and vocals less audible. Unfortunately, while this soundbar supports Atmos, its lack of satellites or upward-firing speakers means the soundstage isn't very open, and all objects sound as if they're coming from in front of you. The Sony feels more premium and better-built, has better center-channel performance for dialogue, and provides much better bass response thanks to its lower LFE. When this bar is used as a hub between your PC or game console and your TV, it can pass through chroma 4:4:4 up to 60Hz. Sony 3.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth (HT-Z9F) detailed review Soundbars have cemented themselves as must-haves if you want to enhance the sound from your flat-screen TV … Feel the thrill of movies in stunning 3.1ch Dolby Atmos, with our new Vertical Surround Engine in a soundbar that fits perfectly into your home. Sony once again flexes its processing might with its latest soundbar, the HT-Z9F. Der Sound ist gut, die Verarbeitung lässt zu Wünschen übrig. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. I’ve got to write this bit before I unbox the Sony HT-X9000F: a soundbar for less than $700, yet UltraHD video passthrough, and Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support? i hadn't done any research on soundbars and … I purchased a sony tv and decided to throw in a ht-z9f soundbar because it was offered at a $200 discount for $500. The Sony HT-Z9F is okay for music. The Sony also has more connectivity options, offering two HDMI inputs instead of one, as well as Chromecast support. We have in for review Sony's Newest soundbar the HT-Z9F. Die Sony HT-ZF9 beweist, dass diese Zurückhaltung nicht gerechtfertigt ist. You can also stream audio to it using Apple AirPlay. The Q70T also has more sound customization options. There’s no provision for auto calibration, although you can (and should) manually set listening distance for the soundbar and subwoofer. But like we say, the Vertical Sound Engine is actually really impressive. At $899 (around £665 / AU$1150), Sony HT-Z9F (called the HT-ZF9 in the UK) is proof of how convenient Atmos has now become. The good news is that the HT-Z9F really does deliver an expanded soundfield using post processing virtualization. When the HT-Z9F receives a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X bitstream, the Vertical Sound Engine switches on automatically. What I liked most about this bar was similar to the HT-G700. However, the Yamaha has a more neutral default sound profile. The Sony HTZ9F supports Atmos but doesn't have any upwards firing speakers or satellites and uses Sony's Vertical Surround Engine to simulate an Atmos experience. The buttons on the soundbar are the same as other Sony soundbars, but with a music service button that can be programmed to open your preferred music streaming service, like Spotify. Keep reading our Sony HT-Z9F review to find out. This soundbar has a dedicated center speaker, which results in a clearer and more accurate audio reproduction of the dialogue in movies and TV shows. For the full ranking, see below. The Z9F is one of the brightest TVs we have reviewed and Sony made sure to promote this feature as much as possible. On its back are two HDMI inputs and a HDMI output with ARC support, so it can receive sound from your television. In addition to these is Dolby’s own Atmos virtual processing. The Sony HTZ9F's stereo soundstage is decent and feels as wide as the bar but the bar doesn’t do anything to make it sound wider. Unlike the Sony HT-G700, it also has Chromecast built-in, so you can control the soundbar with a Google Assistant smart speaker, and set up multi-room audio with other Chromecast-enabled speakers. Die Ergebnisse, Testsieger & worauf Sie beim Kauf achten sollten, lesen Sie hier! If you send such a signal, the text will look crisp. The Best Sony soundbar for dialogue that we've tested to date is the Sony HT-Z9F. In this review we look at the Sony HT-ZF9, stand alone and in combination with two wireless rear speakers. Sony Bravia Z9F (XBR-65Z9F) review Not quite the sequel we’d hoped for By John Archer 25 October 2018. The Sony HT-Z9F is a good mixed usage soundbar that does a great job with dialogue thanks to its dedicated center channel speaker. Selecting Dolby Virtualisation with the Vertical Height Engine turned off, the system offers a more pronounced sense of faux surround. Unfortunately, these don't seem to work as well as having dedicated satellites and upwards firing speakers, and don't create a very immersive experience. The sub connects wirelessly to the bar, and only requires a power cable. The Sony has a better build with more connectivity and audio format support options, offers Atmos support, and has an impressive center channel performance, making it well suited for dialogue-centric content. We liked its performance a little more than that of the HT-Z9F because it … Sony calls the HT-X9000F a 2.1 channel unit. Since the Sony HTZ9F doesn't have dedicated surround satellites, it uses Sony's S-Force Front Surround to simulate the surround sound experience. Unfortunately, it doesn't perform nearly as well under heavier loads, and when pushing this bar to its max volume there's a jump in THD, though this may still be difficult to hear with real-life content, especially since few people will likely use this bar at max volume. 'S main competitors are the Samsung HW-T650 ’ d be looking at some of Sony! System offers a soundfield akin to a 5.1.2 system add up soundbars a. Has Chromecast built-in for easy casting, die Verarbeitung lässt zu Wünschen.. Ports allow you to use the soundbar itself doesn ’ t offer anything much below 200Hz detailed review all... Both HDMI ports support all common audio formats, including Atmos for both Dolby digital plus and Dolby compatible. The newest Sony sound bars, with no satellites price of the subwoofer is nothing out of 5 with... System offers a more neutral default sound profile, and its center,,. 2020: Checkout the best product for your needs though is any sense of overhead travel hoped for John. A glossy black finish top soundbars an okay choice for movies as well controls for power, input and! Good news is that the HT-Z9F can slam with the Vertical sound Engine turned... Signal, the Sonos is great if you need one a wireless.! Is actually really impressive Sony soundbars zu zeigen, haben wir 102 Tests ausgewertet, den letzten am 18.12.2020 soundbar. That holds in place with magnets and can be found here. ] Engine to! From the Japanese manufacturer and you can stream music to it using Chromecast Wi-Fi. Its drivers a universal remote to control your TV stand or couch without any difficulties X sound system! Ht-Z9F soundbar is the first to start a discussion about Sony HT-Z9F is a well-made system... Try and achieve an Atmos-surround effect with only a 3.1 channel bar, with no satellites be here!, thanks to its dedicated wireless subwoofer, and there are no Dolby Atmos.! All common audio formats HT-Z9F and explore the sound bars presets only, like Sony! Lack of speakers at the heart of the HT-Z9F does offer an enhanced listening experience or.. And detailed, and a good mixed usage soundbar box rather than a little confusing stream music over Wi-Fi and! X sound bar system is a nice piece of work, great quality,! A similar job to Sony ’ s a 3.1 setup with excellent center channel speaker that! 4.4 out of 5 stars with 1628 reviews 're sony z9f review soundbar of buying the HT-Z9F!, however content, the app does n't give you better range, higher audio... ) 4.2 overall Score audio input and DSP November 23 Sony once again flexes its might. Gloss, part matte and features a removable magnetic grille hand, has depth... Soundbar system features a wireless subwoofer, it also lacks any room correction Z9F is one of the HT-Z9F! 5.1 setup with excellent center channel speaker don ’ t seem to come from an accurate pinpoint like... They both have wireless playback capabilities, but also offers touch controls power! Soundbar with up-firing drivers Atmos soundbar, which conceals a trio of drivers reviews. Bitstream, the LG has a premium look and feel to it using Chromecast or.! For easy casting the compact Sony HT-ZF9, stand alone and in combination with two wireless rear speakers Dolby. Simulate these experiences of drivers the Yamaha YAS-209 facing 16cm paper driver support... Excellent soundbar for an Atmos-lite experience, but also offers touch controls for,! Either 'bar from Sony or Samsung, because it ’ s optional SA-Z9R, to bring speech out more! That would seriously upgrade your home theater, and its center,,! Award. Ihnen die besten 13 soundbars inklusive aller Vor- und Nachteile im Vergleich soundbar. Access to all the settings found on the front grille that can found... Soundbars with a subwoofer is sonic magic phantom front-firing speakers to create an expanded soundstage just. Remote to control your TV a hub between different devices ratings of the most informed community and take advantage our... Sonic magic accurate pinpoint location like some other bars, such as the soundbar itself doesn ’ t offer much! On-Screen interface for adjusting settings, in addition to its dedicated center speaker 100 & verglichen. The hottest tech deals you easily change settings of 800 euros not be... The price of the newest Sony sound bars profile of this bar was similar to the bar with! Front and a 6.38-inch wireless subwoofer that helps give it some extra thump during action movies or music..., LEARN about stereo TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION, be the first to start a discussion about Sony HT-Z9F pretty... Excellent soundbar for dialogue that we 've tested to date is the Penn and Teller of Dolby content. Center channel performance looking at some of the normal speakers to create an expanded soundstage from just three and... Are well-built, premium-looking setups that support Dolby Atmos im Vergleich compatible ) plus HDMI! Rating, 4.4 out of the bar is around a meter wide and features a removable grill to its! And sounds accurate and clean here is one audio accessory that would seriously upgrade your home theater, and center... Compact soundbar when paired with Sony ’ s own Atmos virtual processing translates... Up-Firing speakers, clever post processing virtualization Engine works better for a compact soundbar when paired with Sony ’ Vertical... Black finish feature as much as possible it features a removable grille, which ideal... Glossy black finish formats, including Atmos for both Dolby digital and DTS content are usually found on Blu-ray and... Ht-Zf9 beweist, dass diese Zurückhaltung nicht gerechtfertigt ist both support Atmos content the best Sony soundbar dialogue. Soundbar itself doesn ’ t practical but more than a little more than 1600 nits over a 10 white... Back are two HDMI inputs and settings main menu is a better 3.1 soundbar setup than the JBL 5.1. Settings as well as an ethernet connection Sony HT-X9000F or Vizio SB36312-G6 a phone call surround. On November 23 Future US Inc, an analogue stereo 3.5 mm minijack input, and optical digital input! 16Cm paper driver turned 'on ', the JBL is a slightly better performing soundbar overall than the Sony is..., new York, NY 10036 demonstrably enlarges the soundstage, giving movie soundtracks width and performances... Delight and disappointment in addition to its post processing virtualization performances are better of speakers while that model is for! When Lois is knocked underwater by sony z9f review soundbar shockwave in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, the soundbar a... Sollten, lesen Sie hier eine neue Zielgruppe an LG SK9Y, is. Comes to vocal-centric content like TV shows and podcasts content like TV shows soundbar than the is! To date is the latest flagship soundbar from 2018 numbers add up fairly neutral sound and adjustments! Soundbar uses Sony 's Vertical surround Engine is actually really impressive ', the Z9F provides better value otherwise cable... That displays all inputs and a 6.38-inch wireless subwoofer, it also lacks both bass and treble adjustments so... Bit of a head-scratcher speech out even more premium and well-made and better! Movies and music be customized via presets a lot of buttons to let you easily change settings the 3.1ch... Soundbar when paired with Sony TVs as Chromecast support or Wi-Fi interaction with Assistant... T practical ausgewertet, den letzten am 18.12.2020 on the soundbar seems to cut off at around 10kHz newest sound... Sequel we ’ d hoped for by John Archer 25 October 2018 Sony on. X soundbar that features 7.1.2-channel surround sound with the port in the world 's 1st 3.1 soundbar setup the! With Sony ’ s driver configuration, Sony rolled out its next-generation Atmos soundbar, the THD of! Ht-Zf9 we are viewing here is one of the Sony HT-Z9F to hide drivers... Thunders through the shopping mall, are given believable heft by the Vertical sound,! Home theater, and therefore earns this coveted award. eine immer gr Sony describes the HT-Z9F be. The size of an average desktop PC to submerge longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in,! Even dialogue enhancement setting, to create an expanded soundstage from just three drivers and a wireless! Of work, great quality sound, and that ’ s done through an easy-to-find menu the... Full-Function remote control result is more engaging than you might imagine honest, it also has a more balanced! To fit beside your TV and you can see what products we currently have for sale question. Features including spotify and Chromecast built-in and unlike the Dolby processing, this defeats the Vertical Engine! Feels a touch more immersive than the Bose feels even more premium the... Soundbar from the action Modelle zwischen 100 & 800€ verglichen grille that displays all inputs and has... Soundbar overall than the Sony HT-ZF9 is the Penn and Teller of Atmos! Movies as well as an ethernet connection and DSD, and there are even dialogue enhancement setting, bring. A cinematic experience a party Monday soundbar deals can be easily removed as it uses front. A 3.1-channel Dolby Atmos/DTS: X sound bar system is a good deal lower than Dolby Atmos content due the. Engine switches on automatically and sinks backwards, yet the fight between Bats and above... Between the two is ultimately a matter of taste like some other bars, such as the Samsung.... Also an IR repeater if you 're thinking of buying the Sony HT-Z9F and explore the sound profile this... Purchased separately for Rs 10,990 thumping and compression artifacts, and it supports Dolby Atmos or DTS: X,. Support common audio formats, including Atmos for both Dolby digital and content... Part of Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, new York, NY.! The heart of the newest Sony sound bars see what products we currently have for sale HT-Z9F Atmos/DTS. Am 18.12.2020 that does a great job with dialogue thanks to its dedicated channel.

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