@Gina , I really enjoyed reading your 15 tips for making life easy and peaceful. No time to finish reading now? this post about aligning your spending with your values and priorities, Behind the Scenes: A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour (Video), Have regular theme nights for dinner, such as “Taco Tuesday”. This might sound obvious but I swear that when you intentionally do an audit like this, you see things—problems AND solutions—with new eyes. 1) Bread Maker – I am going to be honest with you guys. These are easy to implement ideas that you can start today. Small clip-on lights put extra lighting exactly where it’s needed. Deciding what to wear in the morning will be so much quicker and easier! Get Organized. Don’t let one-sided relationships and friendships take your energy. Or does it just serve to muddle your home and muddle your mind? Being honest, I have a busy life with kids, full time work, aging relatives and not a lot of time on my side. Figure out a template for all your passwords. Every morning, try asking yourself “What do I need to have a good day today?” and then set your daily intentions. Take a moment to identify your true priorities in life and appreciate the intrinsic value of the simpler things in life. by Hannah Moore | Jun 19, 2019 | Financial Planning, Goals. Have you thought about what your priorities might be? For example, when I park my car, I’ll often sit for a minute or so and take a few deep breaths. | Have a list of go-to meals. Planning and preparing for what’s ahead will definitely help make life easier. For many people, work is a miserable experience because it involves doing many difficult and even boring things that become routine with time. Here are a few ways to simplify your finances: Create a budget—I’m definitely not an expert on budgeting but I do know that the best budget is one you can stick to! Sometimes giving yourself permission is the most challenging step. Somtimes though, are homes are more a source of stress than pleasure. This creates a sense of ease and even joy; instead of feeling run off my feet, I feel in control of my day. I’ve learned that there are a LOT of things that we do every day, either out of habit or because it’s what we think we “should” be doing, that add absolutely no value to our lives. I hope these 15 ways to make your life easier really help you. 4. Over the past decade, I’ve been taking steps to simplify and make life easier—and this morning, as I scribbled a gratitude list in my journal, I realised just how far I’ve come. 22 People Who Have Crazy Stories About Meeting Celebs. I know it feels counterintuitive but I promise that when you do, life will feel easier overall. 15 ways to make life easier. Do not, in any way shape or form, revert to victim mentality if you can help it. Another way to make your life easier is to look for opportunities to create flow in your schedule. Feel free to experiment and write your own rules. I’m probably not the first person to tell you that it’s important to create boundaries. Just pick a place and dive in. Recharge your batteries with self care and life will feel a bit easier even if it’s not! I had no idea that you literally dump all the ingredients in and then walk away and come back to fresh baked bread…like seriously it couldn’t be easier! Your home will function as you need it to with much less hassle. Mummas, you need to take care of yourself too. Choose just one thing that’s getting you down and make a plan to deal with it this week. These types of personal rules make life easier because they take away the indecision that’s the cause of so much everyday stress. Planning your meals in advance is a great way to make life less stressful. 15 Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easier. Check out my post on how to declutter clothes in 10 easy steps. We all want to feel like busy, less stressed, and less like we’re being pulled in a dozen different directions. Click here to pin this post and save it for later! I have systems set up so that I pay bills and save money without having to think about it. Either way, there are lots of gadgets and tools out there to help make your life easier. Stop trying or wishing to be somebody different. 15 Ways To Make Life Simple Again. Asking this simple question helps us to wake up to the purpose of our actions (or the lack thereof), which in turn helps us to clearly see what we need to let go of. You won’t run out of clean clothes, food in the fridge or need a 24-hour deep cleaning session just to get on top of housework. 3k. 15 Unusual Ways to Make Your Life Easier. I’m also really interested in learning more about the jar method and I’m planning on taking this workshop soon. 2) Have snacks and lunches ready to go. Never forget that you can only do so much on any given day. Make life easier and get some regular household routines in place. Perfect for when you need a little inspiration or your dinners start to get a little samey, a list of go-to meals stops you from being stumped for ideas. This may seem a strange way of making your life easier, but I think it’s one of the simplest and has so many benefits. We can all agree that trying to manage your personal finances in these modern times is very difficult. Try to do something each day to honour those priorities (not just the things that shout loudest from your To Do list). 16 Pieces of Good News That We Really Needed to Hear . If you feel resistance to this idea, be sure to read this post about aligning your spending with your values and priorities. Enjoy great prices and creative solutions to practical problems in the pages of Make Life Easier. ways that you can make the day to day a little more painless. It doesn’t matter whether you can snatch just 5 minutes or 5 hours. Not being tired! For some reason, I think we overestimate how much variety we need in life, to our own detriment. We strive for perfection and end up getting paralysed into inaction. Procrastination is so bad for you! I was always very skeptical about creating routines (I thought they were too restrictive) until my daughter was born. If you need some help creating a morning or evening routine, then be sure to check out this guide and workbook written by my friend Sam. Balance Through Simplicity 14/10/2018 Leave a Comment. Use this easy method for folding fitted sheets. And then store sheet sets inside the matching pillowcase. They’re just small changes that can have a bit impact on making things a little bit easier, no matter what life throws at you! I hope you enjoyed this list! Get outside to … Check out this post on how to set up boundaries and get your free worksheet. Published on October 22, 2020 8:00 AM EST “It’s complicated….” Just about everything feels complicated these days, … and there’s a great excuse for not taking action, which causes us even more (di)stress. We have gathered a few interesting tidbits of simple things that can go along way to help make life a little easier. Although I do say a prayer at night, I do not say a prayer in the morning which I will start doing now. Hi! December 2017 15. Click here to share it on Pinterest! No amount of simplifying can wave a magic wand over my life and totally make my life easy, and I think that goes for pretty much all of us at some time or other. Make my life easier, yeah right I hear you say, but it's really not impossible to have an easier life and although I'm not claiming that you can click your fingers and make life perfect there are various ways you can make some simple changes to improve life for the better. A cluttered home is a burden on your time and energy. 1. But, here’s the thing: You want the process of improving your daily existence to be, well, easy. Take what you can, adapt what you wish, use what appeals to you and fits with your current season of life. 15 Ways To Make A Mum's Life A Little Easier During Self-Isolation. Then with time, you can start making small changes to achieve your money goals. Your email address will not be published. You’re having some exercise, feeling the calmness of nature and getting the benefits of natural daylight. It reminds you of what’s important and that simpler usually means easier! It could anything from the seemingly insignificant (you can never find your keys or your phone is always dead) to bigger hurdles (you really struggle with grocery shopping because you have three kids at home). Feeling stuck and don’t know where to start? 6319. You’re seeing the outside world (rather than the four walls of your home) and it costs nothing. 5-4-889. Avoid wasting your time and energy on things that don’t add value or aren’t important. The key to making it work for you is to be intentional about your time and what you say ‘yes’ to in the first place. Until just a few days ago I thought making bread in a bread maker was super hard. x. You’ll be left with clothes that you love and a few less items to sift through. Be intentional with your time and spend it wisely. If you feel resistance to this idea, be sure to read this post about aligning your spending with your values and priorities. Here are some simple ways to make your life easier. BuzzFeed Contributor 1. This seemed like a no-brainer to me, but my husband proves the need for this one. For example, my gym is next to a grocery store, so I do most of my shopping after my pilates class. This frees up time, energy and even money—resources that are in short supply for most of us! Some of it is good fortune (a mix of luck and privilege) but a lot of it’s by design too. Or would it be making your kids laugh or watching them ride a bike without help for the first time? Boundaries are like an invisible force-field that protect you from life. Use a plastic cereal container as a car trash can. Hence today’s topic: 5 Little Ways to Make Your Life Easier. Dig for your “why.” Keep digging until you discover what it is and you can approach the job with the sense of meaning or importance it has for you. Create a template that makes each password you use unique, but easy … Money is a necessity and managing it wisely is always a good thing. One way I do this is by using special tags within my to-do list app, including “low energy” (things to do when I’m tired) and “Edie awake” (things that are easy to do when my daughter is around). None of these things are likely to make your life easier! One quick and easy tip that has made my life SO much easier is learning to press pause. In my experience, the net output is more or less the same. Another way to make life easier is to simplify mealtime. They all matter; get specific about your pain points (even the tiny ones) and write them down. Do you ever set goals for yourself and then wonder why you never achieve them? An inspiring and mind-opening article. Is there one thing in your life that causes you a lot of stress, upset or overwhelm?

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