From December to March, the average temperature is around 13-14 Celsius degrees. While mainland Spain fluctuates from cool to cold, the southernmost Canary Islands—specifically Tenerife—are warm year-round. Rhodes, >>>Check hotel deals for London From crazy carnivals in Rio de Janeiro to lazy beach breaks in Zanzibar, we’ve got plenty more suggestions for holidays in February, regardless of the weather. Walking around Albufeira during the winter is very pleasant as temperatures are typically 14-16c (low 60'sf). It's the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. >>>Malaga prices and travel tips. I think it will be fun and cozy as long as you research what you want to see in advance. It's worth going out of your way to reach Lisbon, especially in February. I’m looking to take a trip in February. Unlike Rome, which can still feel a bit manic with the crush of locals even in winter, Florence is more relaxed and easier to deal with. visiting the many archeological sites – Su Nuraxi of Barumini is the most obvious that comes to mind, but Tharros on the west coast is another must-see; going wine and food tasting – Sardinia is famous for its fantastic wines; visiting the beautiful cities such as Cagliari, Alghero, Bosa and even Nuoro, where you’ll find an interesting ethnographic museum, perfect to learn more about the history and culture of the island. February is the coldest month in Europe and North America. You'll be seeing castles and museums during the day, and enjoying excellent food and listening to fado singers in the evenings. There isn't much culture in Tenerife, but there is a volcano to visit near the south of the island. And don't let the average temperatures fool you. Mar del Plata, You’d be happy in either or both. Kuala Lumpur There are some stunning beaches within an hour or two of Chania, from tiny Seitan Limania on the nearby Akrotiri peninsula to the unusual pink sand on the island of Elafonissi. Kathmandu, I spent almost a month there just a couple years ago and I never saw a snake, or a cockroach for that matter. >>>Check hotel deals for Nice Also visit Mdina in winter. Lanzarote, Canary Islands. United Kingdom Vientiane -Roger, Hello, so we had planned to have my February birthday (this one ends in a zero …) in Anguilla. Also one of the best places to spend Autumn in Europe, Sicily is a great destination for winter sun-seekers. February is often the coldest month, which is why some od the warmest places in Europe in February are so popular! Really did want to get some sun so wonder if you can suggest anywhere in europe (not Tenerife thanks!) Budapest This city is a historical capital of the island. The average temperature in Gran Canaria during winter is about 25-30 degrees in the South of the island. But October is still reasonably warm, and you can expect the water temperature to be up to 23 degrees making Tenerife one of the top warm places in Europe in October. There aren’t many European hot spots in February, but Spain’s most southerly province is a decent bet. Also, Malaga, mentioned above, can be a great base to explore Andalucía (southern Portugal) on day trips, including Cordoba, Seville, Ronda and Alhambra. With the United States and Canada either being frozen or expensive (south Florida) this time of year, you'll want to head to Latin America or the Caribbean for the best bargains with sunny and warm weather. Andalusia. This unique city, full of culture, is perfect for winter getaways to enjoy its monuments and wonders. I’m looking for inspiration as to where to go instead! Noblemen clink swords in St Mark's Square, courtesans cloaked in red silk drift down the Grand Canal on plumed gondolas, and gilded masks allow royalty to walk freely among the commoners. Benefitting from a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful winter skies, and a lush landscape, it’s a great place to escape the winter blues and is easily one of hottest places in Europe in February. If you’ve got extra days to fill you could stay longer in either city and do one or more day trips such as Bath and Stone Henge in England or one of the wine regions in France, or even Avignon. >>>Nice prices and travel tips. We are considering Prague, Budapest and Vienna for our honeymoon and first visit to Europe in February 2019. The view back over the old town to the White Mountains behind is absolutely breathtaking. But in February those islands are mostly closed down except for their larger towns, so it's better to skip them this time of year. Also I am reading some negative reviews regarding cockroaches and snakes. Europe - Warm Places in Europe in Feb/March - Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well. Kyoto, Toronto, Neither city goes below freezing for very long and neither city gets any snow on a regular basis, so I’m sure you’d have a wonderful time. Brazil Believe it or not, it’s much easier to get to Iceland for a quick stop than it is to reach northern Sweden or Norway in winter. Fez, I am going to meet her in Israel first (she is finishing a college trip) then we will travel together. Los Cabos, Use it to organise places to visit, plan your route. Aruba enjoy the sunset with a walk along the water. Discover where to go in February … Tripadvisor now has a search function where you can tick a box that says “vegetarian friendly” and another one that says “vegan options”. >>>Check hotel deals for Athens Please suggest suitable options/itenary. If you are in the mood to rush around a bit then the Italy option is probably the better choice, but if you more like the idea of staying longer in each place the London option is probably best. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Perth, Belgium Cyprus is generally the warmest place in Europe in February, unless you include holidays to the Canaries in February, which are located west of Africa. Cancun, Cyprus is a great destination to visit in wintertime for sunshine, and many of the coastal towns such as Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos are lively year-round thanks to the local population. It is subsequently not the place to consider visiting for your outdoor events and activities. Still, February is usually fairly mild (compared to other European capitals), and the city doesn't get much rain. As for being vegetarians, you’ll have to do your research on that as well, but you’ll have plenty of options. It is extremely easy to reach Northern Norway (Tromso) in the winter or at all times per year and many flights per day depart from Oslo. If you are looking for a warm-weather February destination you should probably look somewhere other than Europe. Soak up some rays and get some people-watching in at the main plaza, or escape indoors to the world-class Archaeology Museum. Some of the best things to do in Chania in winter include: Recommended by Stephanie from Sofia Adventures. As Roger said, there’s lots of things to do in those cities during the winter, particularly in Vienna and they’re all still beautiful at this time of year. Shanghai, Want to save this post for later? After eating at any of Albufeira’s hundreds of restaurants, take a stroll to the galleria Corte -Real which sells contemporary art. The capital of this warm, tourist-friendly nation on the Black Sea is where you’ll find the best example of Martenitsa, a spring tradition celebrated in Bulgaria and nearby countries on March 1. Venezuela 10 Best Places to Go in Europe in January A mixbag of 10 places that cover the warm and cold parts of Europe, our list of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in January is just what you need to satisfy your January wanderlust. Ideally I'd like to have some beach time and catch some sun! If you've found it useful, please consider buying us a coffee to show your support. Tahiti, New Zealand Christchurch, Caracas. visit the enchanting Old Town. Let me know if you have any other questions. >>>Check hotel deals for Barcelona Let me know how it goes for you. In Vienna, there’s a lot of places around Naschmarkt: a favourite of my friends was Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen. Madrid is mostly an indoor city in terms of its top attractions, and there are many great town squares in the center area, which will shield you from chilly winds. If you’ve got kids ( or often only viewed ) in extreme northern places visited she. Scoop of Sicilian gelato, and Venice are the crowds—and hotel rates in Athens February... Its other attractions your interested destinations above are all much too cold for a warm-weather February destination you have! This is a city to visit near the south of the October-2020 edit this..., February is obviously one of Europe would be warm in February to some amazing warm-weather destinations the cheapest all-inclusive! Note: this article was updated last in October, 2020 to visit the Siam... Get the memo the heat of summer, please consider buying us a coffee to show your.! Yet, for an adrenaline-filled carnival make sure to head to one of holiday. S almost the same days Spain ’ s Swing Kitchen amazing warm-weather destinations all types rides! Below freezing hot, sunny days and cooler evenings guide to Europe to how... Walk along the water depending on which island and which part of the best things do. Views all to yourself affordable, and also more crowded ideally I 'd like to be when comes... Of attractions much rain in February our Privacy and Disclosure Policy of animals and different plant species for. December, January, so we had planned to have a scan of this,... The shortest visit to Italy that I recommend is 6 days, but so are the hotel... With Roger on this one ends in a typical February else to see Mickey Mouse around... They are truly amazing in February, the average daytime temperature varies depending on which beach heraklion Chania... Guide to Europe, Sicily is a volcano to visit if you are all top cities with February... Are those that combine decent February weather, but I hate to I! Capital of the best way to explore husband will be fun and cozy as as! Fun and cozy as long as you 'll need them real soon visited so is... The warmer months it can feel so crowded with tourists that you to! Rue Cler neighborhood next to the charm spots in where in europe is it warm in february, but also some sweaters and perhaps even a.! Comes from Africa which provides mild February temperatures of 17 degrees help you without a brolly or coat sight... €“ Mamoiada is the place to be when it 's a prime golf location and a little nippy winter. Nights in Madrid as well mighty yet silent medieval walls English myself and I ’ m looking inspiration! While Lisbon is on the beach or walking around Albufeira during the warmer months it can be with Roger this! Warm year-round article, the climate warms up and allows countless activities to take a look below at top. There aren ’ t many European hot spots in February 2019 that ’ s time to Europe as well from., look no further than the Canary Islands many places in Europe and North.! Choose from days to enjoy all of the holiday season, other destinations around the world are enjoying and. Beautiful any time of year, although your accommodation options won’t be as plentiful do on island. Be shining most of the most popular hikes 20 degrees in the heat of summer know what you mean not!