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Minimal Invasive Surgery

Ashalatha IVF Centre is one of the famous IVF Centers in India in laparoscopic surgeries(Minimal invasive procedures). Minimally invasive procedures have changed the way people think about surgery. Patients who choose these innovative procedures over conventional surgery have shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery. This means getting back sooner to the things that are important in life.

How Minimally Invasive Procedures Work

  • Minimally invasive procedures, which include laparoscopic surgery, use state-of-the-art technology to reduce the damage to human tissues when performing surgery. The surgeon makes several small button-hole incisions and inserts thin tubes called trocars and ports. Carbon dioxide gas is used to inflate the abdomen, creating a space between the internal organs and the skin. Then a laparoscope or endoscope is inserted through one of the ports, a camera is connected to the laparoscope/endoscope so that the surgical team can view and perform the procedure as a magnified image on video monitors in the operating room. Then, specialized instruments are placed through the other trocars to perform the procedures.
  • Quicker Recovery – Since a minimally invasive procedure requires smaller incisions than conventional surgeries, healing is faster.
  • Shorter Hospital Stay – Minimally invasive procedures help get you out of the hospital and back to your work sooner than conventional surgery.
  • Less scarring – Most incisions are so small that it's hard to even notice them after the incisions have healed.
  • Less pain – Because these procedures are less invasive than conventional surgery, there is typically less pain involved